Product - Protection ICs
Product - Protection ICs
Part Number Cells Protected Stack Function Protection FETs Protection for Note Package
Over-Voltage Under-Voltage Temperature
NT1613 1-cell - N-MOS +/-20mV +/-40mV - Integrated Protection IC (PTIC+MOS+R+C) QFN-2.0x3.0-8L
The NT1613 series are the integrated 1-cell protection 
IC for lithium-ion/lithium-polymer rechargeable battery 
pack.  The  high  accuracy  voltage  detector  and  delay 
time  circuits  are  built  in  NT1613  series  with 
state-of-the-art design and process. 
To  minimize  power  consumption,  NT1613  series 
activate  power  down  mode  when  an  over-discharge 
event  is  detected  for  power-down  mode  enabled 
version.  Besides,  NT1613  series  perform  protection 
functions  without  any  external  components  for 
miniaturized PCB. 
Integrate all peripheral capacitor, resistors, 
MOSFETs of a standard protection IC into one 
tiny package 
  High Detection Accuracy 
  Over-charge Detection: 20mV 
  Over-discharge Detection: 40mV 
  Ultra Small Package 
  QFN-2.0x3.0-8L
  Wearable device battery packs 
  Mobile phone battery packs