Product - Character
Product - Character
Part No. common segment Controller Logic Voltage LCD Driver Voltage Duty Package
NT7066U 16 40 YES 2.7~5.5V 3~10V 1/8,1/11,1/16 Dice, QFP, LQFP
‧Character type dot matrix LCD driver & controller 
‧Internal driver : 16 common and 40 segment signal output 
‧Display character format; 5 x 7 dots + cursor, 5 x 10 dots + cursor 
‧ Easy interface with a 4 bit or 8 bit MPU 
‧ Display character pattern: refer to table 2. 
‧ 5 x 7 dots format 208 kinds, 5 x 10 dots format: 32 kinds 
‧The special character pattern can be programmable by Character Generator RAM directly 
‧A customer character pattern can be programmable by mask option. 
‧Automatic power on reset function. 
‧It can drive a maximum 80 character by using the NT7065B or NT7063B type. 
‧It is possible to read both Character Generator and Display Data RAM from MPU. 

    Internal    Memory 
        -Character    Generator    ROM:    13200    bits 
        -Character    Generator    RAM:    320    bits 
        -‧Internal    Memory 
-Character    Generator    ROM:    13200    bits 
-Character    Generator    RAM:    320    bits 
-Display    Data    RAM:    80    x    8bits    for    80    digits 
‧Power    Supply    Voltage:    2.7V~5.5V 
‧LCD    supply    voltage    3~10V(VDD    -V5) 
‧CMOS    process 
‧1/8    duty,    1/11    duty    or    1/16    duty:    selectable 
-(1/8    duty,    5    x    7    dots    formal    line;    1/11    duty,    5    x    10    dots    format    1    line;    1/16    duty,    5x7    format    2    line)
‧ Bare    chip    available. 

    The    NT7066U    is    a    dot    matrix    LCD    driver    &controller 
        LSI    that    is    fabricated    by    low    CMOS    technology.