Product - Protection ICs
Product - Protection ICs
Part Number Cells Protected Stack Function Protection FETs Protection for Note Package
Over-Voltage Under-Voltage Temperature
NT1775 3/4-cell (Extra R) - P-MOS +/-25mV +/-80mV - - TSSOP-16L
The NT1775 protects lithium-ion/lithium-polymer rechargeable battery in the abnormal events of over-charge, over-discharge, discharging over-current and for a 3/4-cell lithium-ion/lithium polymer battery pack. 

If any of above abnormal conditions occurred. NT1775 would turn off the MOSFETs to protect battery. 
NT1775 would enter power down mode when over-discharge protection occurs to minimize the current consumption. 

In general, NT1775 can be restored to normal mode after short-circuit or reversely charging is removed. To avoid hiccup reaction as protection is activated due to the serious short-circuit and reversely-charging conditions, NT1775 may enter power down mode sometimes. It can be awaked with charger reconnection. 

The tiny package of 16 pin TSSOP is especially suitable for the battery packs in portable devices. 
*High Detection Accuracy 
 -Over-charge Detection:±25mV 
 -Over-discharge Detection:±80mV 
 -Discharge Over-current Detection:±25mV 
*Discharge Over-current Protection 
*High Withstand Voltage 
 -Absolute maximum ratings: 40V (VDD – VSS) 
*Low Supply Current 
 -Supply current: 9A (Typ.) 
 -Standby current: 0.1A (Max.) 
 (Power Down Mode) 
*Three Types of Current Protections 
*Ultra Small Package 
*Lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs 
*Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery packs